How Much Is a Bottle of Dom Perignon? Things To Know

How Much Is a Bottle of Dom Perignon?

Champagne is a beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries. So it’s not surprising, then, why there are so few feel-good moments on quite the same level as popping open a bottle of Dom Pérignon. This elite Champagne is known around town for its delicious back catalog of premium bottles and starred roles in various movies or music videos alike! As more people know about this wine, more and more questions arise around it, and “how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon?” is one of the most frequently asked questions.

How Much Is a Bottle of Dom Perignon (Things To Know)

The Dom Perignon champagne is so rich and luxurious. Its namesake, Benedictine monkDom Pierre Pérignon, described the taste as the tasting of stars in his 1705 review for this elite beverage known to be enjoyed by even royalty! With its attention-to-detail that goes into each vintage produced today, you can bet your bottom dollar there will never be two bottles exactly alike–even if they’re priced at $2 million per bottle or more!

There are good bottles of Dom Pérignon, and there’s an outstanding one. But what sets this Champagne apart from many other brands? Its lack-of bad ones! Not convinced? Prince Charles ordered 99 Vintage 1961 for his Royal Wedding, giving it a firm seal from royalty (and we think you will agree).

How much is a bottle of Dom Perignon? If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with a bottle of Dom Perignon, you’ll want to know how much it will set you back. Prices for this Champagne can vary widely depending on where you purchase it. So, what’s the best way to enjoy your Dom Perignon?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the price range for different bottles of Dom Perignon and provide tips on how to get the best deal. But, first, let’s take a closer look!

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How Much Is a Bottle of Dom Perignon?

A bottle of Dom Pérignon starts at around $185, while older bottles grow exponentially in price. The most expensive bottle of Dom Pérignon was sold for 84,700 dollars, and it’s only available in the Rose 1959 vintage. The age and condition (and rarity) dictate that some bottles will be more costly than others; however, it’s important to note there is no direct correlation between price tag and quality!

This information should not be surprising. This is one way people can distinguish their Investment vs consumption style when drinking wine or Champagne by knowing which ones have been aged more than others before being released into circulation. In addition, these collectables often increase exponentially due to demand from collectors who want something that may never come around again.

Here are some general guidelines for “how much does a bottle of Dom Perignon cost?”:

– Non-vintage (NV): $185-$230

– Vintage: $250-$550

– P2: $850-$1,200

– Rose: $1,500-$2,500

– Limited Edition: $3,500 and up

Tips on How to Get the Best Deal on Dom Perignon

Now that you know how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon, we’ll next give you some tips for getting the best price. If you’re looking to get the best deal on a bottle of Dom Perignon, there are a few things you can do:

– Check online retailers: Online retailers typically have competitive prices and may offer discounts or promotions.

– Compare prices: Be sure to compare prices from different retailers before making a purchase.

– Join a wine club: Wine clubs often offer members exclusive deals on wine, including Dom Perignon.

– Wait for a sale: Keep an eye out for sales or promotions at your favorite retailer. You may be able to snag a bottle at a lower price.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your Dom Perignon, we hope you now understand the cost and how to get the best deal.

Why Does Dom Perignon Cost So Much?

Why Does Dom Perignon Cost So Much?

When talking about how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon, one must be amazed at its price. Dom Perignon is one of the most popular and expensive champagnes. There are several reasons why this bubbly beverage commands such a high price tag.

Pinot & Chardonnay

Pinot & Chardonnay grapes are used in all Dom Perignon vintages, grown in the best vineyards located in the Champagne region of France. The terrain and climate are perfect for these varietals, producing grapes with intense flavor and high acidity.

At least 160 kilograms of grapes per 102 litres of juice are used in each vintage of Dom Perignon, which is double the amount required by the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. As a result, the final product is very concentrated, giving it a richer flavor.

Minimum of Seven Years of Aging

​The aging process impacts pricing for wine and spirits. By rule, Dom Perignon vintages must be aged at least seven years before release into the market; some are held in storage much longer than twenty years or more!

The winemaker only makes beverages when they believe they will have an adequate shelf life of between ten and twenty decades to not interfere with future production schedules (which can sometimes result in no vintage being made).

This means there’s never any fear about running out – because you’ll always find something good waiting on your return trip.

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Small Quantities

Dom Perignon is produced in tiny quantities. The Champagne is made using grapes from only the best vineyards in France. This means a limited supply of Dom Perignon, which drives up the price. 

The production process for Dom Perignon is very lengthy and labor-intensive. Each bottle of Champagne undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it meets the high standards set by the makers. This attention to detail adds to the cost of the final product.

The Long and Storied History

Dom Perignon has a long and storied history. The Champagne was first created by Dom Pierre Perignon, a Benedictine monk, in the early 1700s. Since then, it has been enjoyed by royalty, celebrities, and everyday people alike. Unfortunately, the high-profile reputation of Dom Perignon also contributes to its high price tag.

When you purchase a bottle of Dom Perignon, you’re not just paying for the wine inside. You’re also paying for the history, prestige, and reputation of this luxurious Champagne.

Everything Is Vintage

Vintage Champagne is costly because the grapes come from one year. However, vintage wines are usually of higher quality than non-vintage wines, as they are made with grapes from a single, exceptional growing season.

However, Dom Perignon only creates vintage wines- meaning all their products are made with fresh fruit and not old or mouldy table scraps like some other brands who use whichever crops happen to be least desirable at any given time (such as muscatels). These increases cost significantly due to higher quality standards for production, which drives up pricing overall.

However, not all vintage years are created equal. Some years produce better grapes than others due to weather and soil conditions. These “better” vintages command higher prices than others.

For example, the Dom Perignon 2006 vintage sells for around $200 per bottle. On the other hand, the 2007 vintage, of lower quality, can be found for about $170 per bottle. Those were some of the answers found to the question of how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Grand Cru & Premier Cru

The term “cru” refers to a vineyard or group of vineyards classified according to their quality. For example, the best vineyards are classified as Grand Cru, while the next-highest quality vineyards are classified as Premier Cru.

Grapes from these top-quality vineyards are used to make some of the most expensive wines in the world, including Dom Perignon.

​​The grapes for Dom Perignon are grown on the most hallowed of ground. The Grand Cru track, which contains only 17 out of 300 vineyards in all mortal soil? These sacred sites produce some of France’s finest wines and make them prized possessions indeed!

Incredibly Beautiful Packaging

Dom Perignon is known for its incredibly beautiful packaging. The Champagne comes in a sleek, black box adorned with gold lettering. Unfortunately, this luxurious packaging adds to the high cost of the final product.

As you can see, there are several reasons why Dom Perignon is so expensive. This Champagne is truly top-of-the-line, from the high-quality grapes used in its production to the lengthy aging process. Dom Perignon is sure to impress if you’re looking for a luxurious and unique beverage to enjoy on a special occasion.

History of Dom Perignon 

Dom Perignon is luxurious Champagne that has been enjoyed by royalty and celebrities for centuries.

Since then, it has undergone a few changes. The most notable change occurred in 1869 when Joseph Voyer d’Argenson added Pinot Noir grapes to the blend. This change resulted in darker, richer-tasting Champagne. 

The auspicious beginning of this majestic elixir dates back to 1921, when it was gifted as a wedding present for the Moet family by Champagne Mercier. From there on, its legacy has been filled with privilege and luxury- an authentic champagne sound fashioned from years upon decades worth of expertise!

When the Moet & Chandon family of champagnes heard that they would celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2020, they wanted to do something special. So they commissioned three different brands for this occasion: Dom Perignon (by request), Bollinger, and vintage Champagne from those distant years 1917-2018–allowing Americans an opportunity to experience what life was like back then!

Who Was Dom Perignon?

Besides how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon, many people are still learning about other aspects of this wine, and Dom Perignon is the one who is the most curious. There are a few claims that Dom Pierre Pérignon didn’t invent Champagne, but he did refine it to make the bottles we enjoy nowadays. He was a 17th-century monk who worked as cellar master for the Abbey of Hautvillers in France.

Perignon’s passion for wine began early on. In 1668, he was appointed as the cellarer (wine steward) for the Abbey of Hautvillers. In this role, he was responsible for producing and storing wine.

During his time at the Abbey, Perignon began experimenting with ways to improve the quality of the wine. He is credited with many innovations, including the use of corks to seal bottles of Champagne and the use of heavier bottles to prevent them from exploding.

Perignon passed away in 1715 at the age of 77. Today, his legacy lives on through the luxurious Champagne that bears his name.

How Is Dom Perignon Made?

How Is Dom Perignon Made?

Dom Perignon is made using a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. The grapes are grown in the Champagne region of France and are carefully selected to ensure only the best fruit is used in the final product.

Once the grapes are harvested, they are crushed and fermented. The wine is then aged for seven years in cellars before being bottled.

During the aging process, the wine undergoes a second fermentation. This process gives Dom Perignon its signature bubbles. Finally, the Champagne is ready to be enjoyed!

What Makes Dom Pérignon So Special

The best Champagnes are delicate and fussy, only releasing bottles when the vineyards produce optimum quality grapes. These Champagne’s vintage can be determined by determining if they contain any spelling errors or garment labelling mistakes on their label; since these wines come from one year of cultivation, everything must go smoothly during the harvesting season to not affect the future vintages negatively.

A true champion would never settle even if his entire career depended upon making this decision, which means you shouldn’t either!

The Dom Perignon caves are a special place. Bottles here age differently than they would in any other winery, and the best thing about them? You never know what you might find!

For example – if your bottle has “P2″ or” 3″ on its label, then it means two different things: either this wine was released during those years but didn’t sell altogether, so someone decided to make more of them (a second release), or there were simply not enough vintages available for all collectors who desired something unique…so these particular wines came out after 9 years of aging, instead.

The painstaking process of making Champagne is anchored by sunlight, rain and heat. The grapes are grown traditionally. They’re first fermented for a second time before being blended to create Dom Pérignon – one might say it’s Asians for whom this terroir provides an organic niche market!

Méthode champenoise has been around since at least 1810 when Louis XV appointed Joseph amongst his court chefs; nowadays, we know him better as “père” (or father) du Champagne due mainly because he innovated many techniques that still form part of today’s production processes.

This includes the usage of a cork to keep bubbles in and the use of heavier bottles so they wouldn’t explode under pressure.

P2 and 3 are two exceptional vintages worth mentioning – not only because they were released during years when there were few other options (making them rarer) but also because these wines come from a different era altogether…one before mass production and globalization! Learning about how much is a bottle of dom perignon is learning about many different wines, their prices change over time, and these two wines represent preciousness.

The vintage of Champagne is highly debated, with some sources claiming it to be as little as three years old, while other experts say there are no proper guidelines because each year brings about a different mix.

However you slice them, all agree on one thing: The aroma has hints from biscuit and citrus through honey or smoke in an overall pleasing scent that Master Of Wine Serena Sutcliff describes like this “With age, Dom Pérignon takes on seductive fresh toast combined unexpectedly beautifully bouquet!”

Dom Perignon is versatile Champagne that can be enjoyed with various foods. If you’re serving Dom Perignon vintage, it pairs well with roasted meats and hearty vegetables.

For Dom Perignon Rose, try pairing it with sushi or another light fare. And for Dom Perignon P2, we recommend enjoying it with dark chocolate or another decadent dessert.

Some recipes for Dom Perignon:

-Champagne Cocktails: A classic champagne cocktail is a perfect way to enjoy Dom Perignon. Simply add a dash of bitters and a sugar cube to a glass of bubbly.

-Stuffed Mushrooms: These delicious mushrooms are stuffed with a mixture of bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, and herbs. They’re the perfect appetizer to enjoy with a glass of Dom Perignon.

-Chocolate Cake: This decadent chocolate cake is the perfect pairing for Dom Perignon P2. The intense flavor of the Champagne complements the sweetness of the cake perfectly.

The Different Types of Dom Perignon Available

-Dom Perignon Rose: Made using a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, this Champagne is characterized by its pink color and fruity flavor.

-Dom Perignon Vintage: This Champagne is made using grapes from a single vintage year. It is aged for a minimum of seven years before being released.

-Dom Perignon P2: P2 refers to the “second plenitude” of Dom Perignon. This Champagne is made using grapes from a single vintage year and is aged for a minimum of 14 years. Its intense flavor and creamy texture characterize it.

-Dom Perignon Oenotheque: Oenotheque champagnes are exceptional vintages that have been aged for many years. They are only released when deemed to be at the peak of their flavor.

The Best Cocktails To Make With Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon French 75


-1 oz gin

-1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

-1/2 oz simple syrup

-4 oz Dom Pérignon champagne


  1. Add gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup to a shaker filled with ice.
  2. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass.
  3. Top with Dom Pérignon champagne.
  4. Garnish with a lemon twist (optional).

Dom Perignon Mimosa


-2 oz Dom Pérignon champagne

-1 oz orange juice


  1. Pour orange juice into a chilled glass.
  2. Top with Dom Pérignon champagne.
  3. Garnish with an orange slice (optional).

Dom Pérignon Bellini


-1 oz white peach puree or nectar

-4 oz Dom Pérignon champagne


  1. Pour white peach puree into a chilled glass.
  2. Top with Dom Pérignon champagne.
  3. Garnish with a peach slice (optional).

Champagne Punch


-1 bottle Dom Pérignon champagne

-1 quart strawberries, hulled and halved

-1 quart raspberries

-1 quart blueberries

-2 cups pineapple juice

-1 cup lemon juice


  1. Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl.
  2. Stir gently to combine.
  3. Serve over ice and enjoy!

Dom Pérignon Kir royale


-1 oz crème de cassis

-4 oz Dom Pérignon champagne


  1. Pour crème de cassis into a chilled glass.
  2. Top with Dom Pérignon champagne.
  3. Garnish with a blackberry (optional).

Alternatives to Dom Perignon

Alternatives to Dom Perignon

​If you’re looking for a high-end, luxury beverage at your next party and can’t afford Dom Perignon after learning all the information about “how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon?”, this is just the ticket! Other options will give guests something similar in taste without breaking their bank accounts.

If $40-$50 is your limit, consider buying Veuve Clicquot’s most popular product – Yellow Label.

Krug is a French wine that has been aging for years. It’s most often found at the $150 price point, but you can find it as low as $50 or higher if there are special limited releases, in which case they’ll usually go fast because everyone wants their hands on them!

For something that will blow you away without breaking the bank (literally), try Ruinart – The Blanc de Blancs wine, which typically ranges between 40$-60$.

Bollinger, known for its Pinot Noir and Champagne, is one of the best values in luxury drinks. While it’s not quite as expensive at $60 per bottle (dry or sweet), you might find yourself with a glassful if Bollingers are on sale – which they often seem to be these days!

If money isn’t an object, then go ahead and take out some credit card space by purchasing Cristal-the “Bestgrowth” bottled sparkling wine produced by Roederer House comes highly recommended; Often around $200 to buy a bottle.

Crémant de Bourgogne is the perfect wine for any special occasion. This aromatic white, made from Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes, similarly to Dom Perignon but outside of Champagne region law, allows its producers to call themselves “Crémiants”, which means “graduated.” You can enjoy these delicate bubbles at around $25/bottle with an elegant flavor profile that will impress even your most demanding guests!

For a more budget-friendly option, try sparkling wine from Spain or Italy. These wines are made using the same method as Champagne, but they don’t come from the Champagne region of France. Therefore, they are not technically Champagne, but they still make for a delicious and bubbly beverage!

Imagine sparkling wine made in the style of France but with a price tag that won’t break your bank account. The Gruet family took up residence on their new New Mexican vineyard and have been producing fine wines ever since! 

These delicate Bubbles are coming at around $20/bottle, which makes them perfect for any occasion or vintage preference you may have—you can even enjoy drinking these while catching some sun by an open window during warm weather months (just make sure not to drink too much).


All information about price, history, production process has been mentioned above to answer the question “how much is a bottle of dom perignon?”. Next will be the frequently asked questions that we would like to share with you.

What Does Dom Perignon Taste Like?

Dom Perignon has a distinctively rich taste that is perfect for special occasions. The Champagne is full-bodied with flavors of citrus and stone fruits. There is also a hint of toastiness from the wine’s time spent aging in cellars.

Dom Perignon is truly luxurious Champagne. So if you’re looking for an impressive bottle of bubbly to enjoy on a special occasion, look no further than Dom Perignon!

-Myth 1: Dom Perignon was the first person to make Champagne.

-Myth 2: Champagne was named after Dom Perignon.

-Myth 3: The bubbles in Champagne were an accident.

All of these myths are false! Dom Pierre Perignon was not the first person to make Champagne, nor did he invent the method for making sparkling wine. The name “champagne” actually comes from the Champagne region of France, where the bubbly beverage originated. Finally, the bubbles in Champagne are not an accident; they are a result of the second fermentation process that Champagne undergoes.

How to Drink Dom Perignon

There are a few different ways to enjoy Dom Perignon. The most important thing is to serve it at the right temperature.

The perfect Dom Pérignon deserves two hours of chilling to bring its maximum flavor. If you don’t have that much time, place your bottle inside an ice bucket instead and let it warm up just enough so that when served at room temperature (10°C/19 °F), there will be no explosions from differing temperatures!

If you’re serving Dom Perignon vintage, it’s best to decant it before serving. This allows the wine to breathe and reach its full flavor potential.

When drinking Dom Perignon, you may notice that the Champagne has a foamy head. This is normal due to the high level of carbonation in the wine. Simply let the foam dissipate before taking your first sip.

The perfect glass for pouring your favorite bubbly is a delicate yet durable champagne flute. The shape of these glasses highlights the aromas and allows bubbles to fizz longer so you can enjoy every last bit!

Start by opening up an inch worth (or more) Dom Pérignon before letting it sit while slowly filling each cup until they are two-thirds full with delicate liquid gold-the aroma will fill all around ya as well if ya leave them empty long enough.

The best way to enjoy your Champagne is by holding it with the stem, not in its bowl. This will keep them from warming up too quickly and ruining their fizz!

When Should I Drink Dom Perignon?

Dom Perignon is best enjoyed on special occasions. So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or promotion, this Champagne is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your event.

How Long Does an Unopened Bottle of Dom Perignon Last?

An unopened bottle of Dom Perignon can last for many years. However, it is essential to store the Champagne properly to ensure it doesn’t go bad. Champagne should be stored in a cool, dark place. Once opened, Champagne will start to lose its flavor after about three days.

What Is The Difference Between Dom Perignon and Other Champagnes?

Dom Perignon is a luxurious Champagne brand characterized by its high quality and intense flavor. Other champagnes may not be as expensive or have the same flavor profile, but they can still be enjoyable.

How Many Calories Are In a Glass of Dom Perignon?

There are approximately 90 calories in a glass of Dom Perignon. However, this number will vary depending on how much sugar is added to the Champagne.

How Much Alcohol Is In a Bottle of Dom Perignon?

A bottle of Dom Perignon contains 12% alcohol.

Is Dom Perignon Champagne Worth It?

The answer depends on you! Dom Perignon is luxurious Champagne with intense flavors. If you’re looking for an impressive bubbly to enjoy on a special occasion, it may be worth the price tag. However, if you’re simply looking for delicious and affordable Champagne, other options are available.

Is Dom Perignon Brut?

Yes, Dom Perignon is brut champagne. This means that it is dry, with very little sweetness.

Is Dom Perignon Overrated?

Again, this is a matter of opinion. Some people may find Dom Perignon overpriced and overrated, while others may enjoy the luxury and flavor of this high-end Champagne.

Is Moet or Dom Perignon Better?

This is a difficult question to answer, depending on your personal preferences. Both Moet and Dom Perignon are high-quality champagnes with intense flavors. If you’re looking for a luxurious option, Dom Perignon may be better. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, Moet may be better.

Is Dom or Cristal Better?

Cristal is a type of Champagne made by the Louis Roederer House. It is luxurious Champagne with a high price tag. Dom Perignon is also elegant Champagne, but it is made by the Moet & Chandon House. Both champagnes are excellent quality, so it depends on your personal preference.

Where Can I Buy Dom Perignon?

Now that you know how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon, it’s time to find out where to buy it and get yourself a bottle of this precious wine if you can afford it. Dom Perignon can be purchased from many different online and in-store retailers. However, the best place to buy Dom Perignon is from a reputable retailer that specializes in wine and Champagne. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product.

What Is a Good Year for Dom Pérignon?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people have different opinions. However, many experts believe that the best years for Dom Pérignon are 1996, 2002, and 2003.


As you can see, there is no simple answer to the question, “How much is a bottle of Dom Perignon?” The price of this luxury champagne depends on many factors, including where you purchase it and whether or not you’re buying it vintage. However, one thing is for sure: Dom Perignon is an impressive and delicious bubbly that will make any special occasion even more memorable.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just starting to learn about the different types and brands, Dom Perignon is a bottle worth investing in. It has a long history, and many people enjoy the complex flavors. But, of course, like with anything else in life, your experience with this Champagne will depend on what you’re willing to pay. 

Now that you know all there is to know about how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, it’s time to decide. Is this an expensive bottle of wine you want to add to your collection? Or are you going to save up and splurge on a special occasion? We guarantee you will enjoy every sip with friends or family no matter what you choose.

Champagne is a delicate drink. It’s not just about drinking until you feel sick or angry; it needs to be enjoyed with your friends and coworkers without worrying that someone will judge what glass they’re holding up as being less than perfect because there are good bottles for everyone! 

If you have any other questions about how much is a bottle of Dom Perignon cost or want to know more about our favorite wines, contact us. We would love to hear from you and help you choose the perfect bottle of wine for your next gathering. Thanks for reading!

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